Eccoci qui con una novità in uscita all’estero, una completa novità che ho letto grazie a Netgalley e grazie all’editore che ringrazio per la possibilità che mi ha dato. E’ stata una bella storia e di sicuro merita di essere letta. Ecco qui che ve ne parlo:

waves-9781684153466_lgTitolo: Waves
Autore: Ingrid Chabbert

Consiglio assolutamente questa delicata Graphic Novel. Inutile dirvi che mi sono innamorata di questi disegni, di questa storia e di queste protagoniste. E’ una storia toccante, difficile che tocca molte persone nel mondo e che molti si trovano ad affrontare. Una storia basata sull’esperienza dell’autrice (come è scritto all’interno del libro) dura ma resa incredibile dalla sua penna e dai colori.

Ingrid Chabbert mi è sicuramente entrata nel cuore dopo questa storia. Anche se breve, è una storia dolce, piena di sofferenza e dolore ma anche di speranza e di amore. Da leggere.


*I received this book thanks to Netgalley and the publisher in exchange of honest reivew*

The story begins on an ordinary day. Two women who love each other receive a great news, they are about to finally have a baby. The news is really incredible for both of them and they start making plans for their child. Suddenly, however, the pain hits them and everything puts a strain on their relationship and all that goes with it. The long journey on the boat in the middle of the sea of ​​the protagonist’s dreams shows us a unique and particular, almost predictive whole.

What will happen to the two young lovers? Will they manage their lives and their relationship? What will they decide together?

The plot is well structured: it leaves us with a concise summary and a complete picture of what lies ahead and what we will find. 

The cover is wonderful in every single aspect. Representative of the story since the dreams of our protagonist are on this boat in the middle of the sea. For the cover you could not choose a better scene, in my humble opinion. The title of the story is deep and put it this way, without any explanation it may seem difficult to understand but I can assure you that it is much more intense than it is presented. The waves that move events, which move life and that can bring us afloat like sinking. It’s a good title for this story.

The setting is apparently unknown, in this story we will not be given many details about it but the tables are really beautiful. The era is certainly modern, a truly current story.

The characters in this story are the two leading women. The main protagonist, however, is the young woman who is carrying the baby. She is the one who bears both the weight of pregnancy and that of loss. He is a very closed character but from which a rainbow of unexpected emotions transpires that the reader seems to discover with her.

The dreams of the protagonist on the boat blend with reality and allow us to see it under to different aspects. The oneiric that seeems to make premonitions in what happens in reality and the reality with which the protagonist collides. In both cases the author exploits well

The central point of this story is precisely the loss. Loss becomes the central pillar of this story and you experience conflicting emotions, you face difficult situations and you will be completely addicted to it. The protagonists will know how to conquer you and you will share with them an important part of their life, which although sad and difficult to deal with, is very well made in every facet.

The graphics used are really spectacular. The drawings are crazy and I think the highlight is the moments on the boat. Those moments summarize the feelings of the protagonist and come as a slap in the face. You do not need big words, just look at it and everything strikes us in full in its disarming beauty.

Beyond the tables that are really beautiful, everything is divided into various shades of color according to the suffering. In fact, when the drama that strikes the two protagonists of this story happens, the story goes black and white. As the young woman picks up her life and tries to move forward with her life, she recreates something colorful in the story, until everything starts to be colored. This has given greater emphasis to the feelings and phases that affect the human being in times of suffering. There is the black period, in which we hit something negative and then we begin to rise again, more and more.

The only thing for which I’m sorry is the brevity of the work. It is summarized in the feelings and is unique as well as original but the simple fact of not having given a name to the two protagonists or the fact that you can not understand many things about them beyond the single fact that happens. It would have been very nice to know something more but I think it is very beautiful and complete even in its simplicity and in its brevity.

The story is however original and tells a small piece of life that can happen to anyone. A life story that with its colors, with its drawings and its minutiae, affects much more than anything else. A really well done job.

I absolutely recommend this delicate Graphic Novel. Needless to say that I fell in love with these drawings, this story and these protagonists. It is a touching, difficult story that touches many people in the world and that many are facing. A story based on the experience of the author (as written inside the book) lasts but made incredible by his pen and colors.

Ingrid Chabbert definitely entered my heart after this story. Although short, it is a sweet story, full of suffering and pain but also of hope and love. To read.

My vote for this book: 5 stars.



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